Business Intelligence      
Reporting and querying solutions are the basic layer of business intelligence capability within an organization. As the user base for this layer is usually quite large, and often geographically scattered, the tricky design issues that need to be tackled centre around accessibility, performance and security. We have designed reporting solutions for hundreds of users with different access capabilities and are familiar with the design tradeoffs for all the leading reporting and querying tools, assuring you of a best case / best fit solution.

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Symetrix offer you Software development, integrated multimedia services, this includes

Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing
Corporate Multimedia
Product Presentation
Presentation / Demo
eBrochure (e-Profile)
CBT & WBT Solutions
Architectural Walkthrough
360° Panoramic View
Virtual Simulation
2D/3D Animations
Visual FX, Audio & Video editing
GUI and Branding
Website Design & Development
Web Promotion (SEO)