Symetrix follows the Ralph Kimball methodology for all its Data Warehouse projects. We can participate in any or all of the stages shown below in line with client requirements

We subscribe to the star schema models that are fast becoming the de facto standards for data warehouses.


The Extraction, Transformation and Loading process usually constitutes 60%  70% of the effort in a business intelligence project.  Get this wrong and you'll get the project wrong. A well architected warehouse or an elegant looking report isn't worth much if the information content is either incorrect or irrelevant.

We have deep expertise in ETL and have developed our own internal standards for programming, job design and overall process control. These standards are the result of the years of experience gained on several large projects. Good use of these standards translates to ETL stages that are:

quick to develop,
accurate in the data to information transformation,
less error prone,
more maintainable and staff independent.

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Symetrix offer you Software development, integrated multimedia services, this includes

Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing
Corporate Multimedia
Product Presentation
Presentation / Demo
eBrochure (e-Profile)
CBT & WBT Solutions
Architectural Walkthrough
360° Panoramic View
Virtual Simulation
2D/3D Animations
Visual FX, Audio & Video editing
GUI and Branding
Website Design & Development
Web Promotion (SEO)